Mic Club is a community of B2B Podcasters who aren’t satisfied with making commodity content. We want to become our buyer's favorite show.

The journey to favorite, however, is dangerous to take alone. We need each other to learn, receive feedback, and gain the encouragement we need to attract a valuable audience. 


  1. We always lead with value
  2. We always lead with value
  3. Our shows are never perfect and can always get better
  4. We don’t want to play it safe. We want to make a show that matters.
  5. We never speak poorly about another member's podcast. Only how the podcast can be better.


Ready to pick up the mic? Here are three ways to participate:

  1. Spectator: Watch the monthly live streams or replays at any time. The podcast will also be available for all to hear. Subscribe today »
  2. Club Member: Participate in Monthly live streams and get access to our daily Slack forum. You must be an active host or producer of a B2B podcast. Invite to annual meetup. Join the club »
  3. Ring Leader (invite only): Step into the ring and commit to a three-month journey of focused learning and weekly small group meetings for intense accountability to hone your craft. 


  • Daily Slack Conversations (Member's Only): Our channel for the daily nitty-gritty news, conversations, and the sharing of expertise between members.
  • Weekly Podcast (Spectators Listen, Members Participate): 

About the Hosts

Dan SanchezProfile Photo

Dan Sanchez

Director of Audience Growth

Dan Sanchez is the Director of Audience Growth for Sweet Fish, a podcast agency for B2B brands. Equipped with his MBA and a career that has crossed design, technology, marketing, and education, Dan is ready to teach others how to grow their audience in a digital age. He contributes regularly to the B2B Growth podcast, Linkedin, and his own blog at danchez.com. Dan's also an avid runner, yerba mate drinker, and resides in Minneapolis with his wife, a cowboy, and three princesses.

Angela ChongProfile Photo

Angela Chong

Podcast Production Manager

Angela is an experienced B2B Leader who loves working with busy marketing professionals leveraging podcasts, social media, and websites in order to tell their story effectively to drive the bottom line.

She believes the strongest B2B leaders are those who empathetically connect with their customers and teams. This can be achieved through impactful storytelling.

Benji BlockProfile Photo

Benji Block

Host of the B2B Growth Show

Benji Block is a Podcast Host for Sweet Fish Media, a podcast agency for B2B brands. Always curious and asking questions, and with a background in marketing and sales, Benji helps businesses thrive by providing thought-provoking interviews and entertaining content.