Welcome to Mic Club

Now that you're in, let's get you plugged into this community:

Step #1: Join the LinkedIn Group.

  • Click this link: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12645887/
  • Wait to be approved
  • Find the pinned post
  • Drop a link to your show in the comments
  • Give feedback to somebody else's show in that feed (more details in the post)


While you wait for approval, do these next. 

Step #2: Subscribe to the Mic Club Podcast

In this show, we cover podcasting news relevant to B2B marketers, highlight a member show, and answer new questions that you submit. 

- Find a link to your favorite podcast player here: https://www.joinmicclub.com/p/subscribe/

- Submit a question for us to discuss on the next show.


See you in the group soon. 👋